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You can’t help but feel repentant towards Lil Wayne during his current circumstances. His new album, ‘The Carter V’, has been pushed way back from its original release date of October 28th 2014, with no further date announced. Wayne has quite clearly been furious with his record label, Young Money, and has even threatened to cease his position and leave.

However, in these times of desperation for Tunechi, he has sought solace in the form of a mixtape called ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2’ which dropped last week. From this, he released ‘Used To’ which is a stand out in the mixtape. Well, anything with Drake in it will always ultimately have that effect. The track is distinguishably bass heavy with jittery synthesizers simultaneous to this, amplifying both Wayne and Drake’s authority in their verses.  Wayne, surprisingly, doesn’t talk about his affair with Young Money, but does display his infamous wordplay: “Tell her that I love her and I hate her in the same sentence/I’m fuckin’ her mind.” Whereas Drake is just damn right destructive and enforces his power in Hip Hop: “Yeah, when you get to where I’m at/You Gotta remind them where the fuck you at.”

There’s also an unexpected feature from Riff Raff which, albeit irrelevant, is quite humorous, stating how he plays Playstation on tour because the bus is so enormous.

Despite Wayne’s terrible situation, he still manages to have the courtesy to feed his fans what they deserve; new music, which is admirable. Even though ‘Used To’ is a single from a mixtape, it is still an indicator of the direction Wayne is going with his music and a clue as to what The Carter V will sound like.

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