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  • Single Review: Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl
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It’s a strange feeling: that bizarre in-between space of peace and melancholy. Like a beautiful summer’s day designed for soaking up every ray of light that floods the outside world, but you find yourself hiding in the shade of your darkened bedroom.

“Wistfully doldrum undertones with bursts of hazy leaks of light”

New Zealand band Fazerdaze’s newest daydreaming single ‘Lucky Girl’ invokes the presence of said conflicted feeling and surrounds it’s wistfully doldrum undertones with bursts of hazy leaks of light. ‘Lucky Girl’ offers a glistening and enticing share of psychedelic-pop charm. Captivating from the jump with the soft, swooning guitars that open the track with a compellingly swift-yet-smooth sense of urgency, Fazerdaze delivers a decidedly sepia-toned sound, sharpened by her sonorous and cloud-like vocals that float through the warm layers of lo-fi noise.

Taken from her forthcoming LP Morningside, ‘Lucky Girl’ paints a perfect picture of Fazerdaze’s ability to convey an ebullient glee and a creeping sadness at once, ensnaring the perplexing contradiction of emotions that comprises our human existence. Ultimately, this is a beautifully uplifting summertime reverie, brimming with a radiant affection that is so easy to get lost in.

Buy Fazerdaze’s debut album ‘Morningside’ this Friday (5th May) on vinyl, CD or MP3 Download, via Flying Nun Records.

‘Lucky Girl’

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