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Big Sean has undoubtedly stepped his game.

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Detroit rapper, Big Sean, is on the cusp of releasing his third album, ‘Dark Sky Paradise’, which is set to arrive on February 24th. In the meantime, Sean has enticed us with two new singles off the album with the familiar ‘I Don’t F**k With You’ and now, of course, ‘Blessings’.

Since Sean’s ‘Control’ track, which came out in 2013, with the infamous Kendrick Lamar verse- an instant classic I might add, it’s become apparent he’s progressed heavily since then. Before this, people were sceptical, but over time Sean has proven to be prolific and has most certainly won over naysayers.

With ‘Blessings’, we hear three heavyweight rappers not so much battling each other for the best verse, but humbled by their status and prominence and therefore spit accordingly, with Drake proclaiming on the hook: “I’m way up, I feel blessed.” Don’t get me wrong, Ye, Drake and Sean all provide excellent verses, however it doesn’t feel like any of them are intending to steal the limelight, but rather saluting each other’s success.

Nonetheless, many subjects are exerted like Drake not caring about the Grammys anymore and Sean’s grandmother sadly passing, but the main attraction is Kanye West; from Snapchat nudes through to his daughter being home schooled, he reveals plenty. That being said, the beat is menacing, rather like the intimidating pay cheques these guys receive in which they are duly blessed for, corroborating the album’s sinister concept.

Big Sean has undoubtedly stepped his game up since his first two albums, which is reflected in Blessings. The anticipation for ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ is going to be higher than ever as we approach Sean’s season.

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