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Someone I didn’t know anything about until an email pinned into my inbox last week was the delightful Folly Rae. Kicking things off for 2015 Folly reveals her pop-tinged ballad about love ‘Someone I don’t know’ right on Valentines weekend. Oh boy this one’s smooth!

Pollen attracting lyrics, honey coated vocals and nectar-sweet melodies Folly really has got a special art when she sings. But the surprising fact here is she actually trained to be a classical dancer before dipping her toes into the hive. So far she’s already gained support from Huw Stephens over at Radio One and previously became Radio 1XTRA’s track of the week with ‘Run for Cover.’ We managed to catch Folly for a few quick questions. Here’s what she had to say.

You always wanted to be a classical dancer… what made you change your mind?

I danced from a young age, I loved it but I never felt comfortable in the ‘dance world’ & never had the confidence to sing in front of people until I was a bit older.

Who is your musical inspiration?

Joni Mitchell is the musical love of my life. But, it was Sia’s earlier music that inspired me to start music. How would you describe your sound in five words?

How would you describe your sound in five words?

Ethereal, electronic. slightly depressing Pop.

Will we see the classical dancer side to you in your music? maybe in a music video?
I haven’t got any plans to :)

Falling for someone, is a very lovie-dovie track, is this written for anyone in particular?
I dislike lovie-dovie things but subconsciously it must of been about someone

Will we be seeing your name on any festivals this summer?

I am playing at Roundhouse Rising Thursday 19th & more festivals will be announced very soon!
We can’t wait to see the buzz swarm around her as she prepares for her debut EP release in March.

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