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… Yep, there’s been some detective work going on…

A new website went live today, called ‘Alive 2017’ – following suit with Daft Punk’s two live albums ‘Alive 1997’ and ‘Alive 2007’. And not only that, but this website showcased coding in what seemed to be co-ordinates…


Irish super fans started the speculations once they laid eyes on the 4th lines of these co-ordinates, which as you’ll see in the photo below read ’51 30 26 N 0 7 39′ – the location of none other than Dublin’s Marlay Park.


If we’re running with the touring pattern of every ten years as the ‘Alive 1997’ and ‘Alive 2007’ suggests for next year, this makes total sense, as Daft Punk’s last Irish date took place in Marlay Park… so why not revisit!


For those of you based elsewhere in the world, it might be worth telling you that the other co-ordinates point towards Paris, Los Angeles, London, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Ibiza.


Let’s not jump the gun, but they’re off on a right world tour aren’t they!?

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