LOST Music App Launches with Top Independent Music Curators

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… And yes, that includes us, right here!

LOST Music App

So, let’s get down to what it actually is firstly, shall we? LOST is a new music app which allows YOU, the fans, to jump between different music experiences. So, for instance – you can be reading about the slickest new band around on a blog or magazine, jump to adding that band to a playlist, and even buying tickets to their next gig. Simple as that!

If you’re someone who likes to be ahead of the game, you can be amongst the first to all music that LOST’s curators are talking about. And if you’re wondering who these curators are…

FACT, VICE’s music channels Noisey & Thump UK, Mahogany, UKF, i-D, The Line of Best Fit, Dummy, The 405, Complex UK, Clash Magazine, Data Transmission, Rockfeedback, Gold Flake Paint, The Ransom Note, Inverted Audio, Stamp the Wax, Hyponik, Harder Blogger Faster, Get Into This and Fortitude Magazine.


For all your fans of live music, this app will make it even easier for you to get your hands on gig tickets. LOST has partnered with Songkick and so you’ll be able to see live dates and book your tickets at the tap of a finger! And not only that but you’ll be able to add music from your everyday streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music… all to your LOST collection and have them nice and handy in one place.

So for all your music needs, grow with technology and move with the music… check out the new LOST app and stay even more in tune with us here at Fortitude Magazine.

Download the LOST app for free for iPhone here: http://tinyurl.com/lostmusicapp

Follow LOST on Twitter & Facebook at @LOSTLdn

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