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His disarmingly humble demeanour

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It has been a storied and contrasting journey for JP. He initially got his start by crafting his trade on the indie rock scene before singing with Manchester’s Sing Out Gospel Choir. For all the years spent toiling away in small venues, it appears that his efforts are finally paying off as the 02 Forum was at full capacity on the night of his performance in Kentish Town, Camden.

All of his songs seem to draw inspiration from events and people in his life. In ‘Closer’ he sings “And if you’re too small to see I’ll lift you on my shoulders. If you’re feeling low I’ll hold you.” This makes perfect sense as JP is a young father.  Perhaps most striking though was his disarmingly humble demeanour. He rescinded from tediousness ( even though his performance was anything but) by explaining away the significance of certain songs. Change, the last song of his set he explains ‘was written when I was working in London and I was staying in a hotel. Despite all the amazing stuff that was happening in my life, I was feeling heavy. Whilst staying in the hotel I witnessed this amazing sunrise and I ended up writing Change.’

He and his band decided to play one over on the crowd by walking off stage as if to signal the end of the night. The audience wasn’t having it though and started chanting for JP to return. He obliged and they played two more songs, the latter of which was newly penned but not yet released ‘Change’. Needless to say it was a near perfect surprise to end a near perfect performance. The set officially came to a close at the near deafening sound of a rapturous applause.



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