Live Review: Coves & Pixies, Brixton Academy

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Coves? Amazing future festival favourites. Pixies? I say they still fucking have it, because they do.

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Everyone was awaiting a special night at the Brixton Academy. Young and old, black and white, male and female Pixies fans are as diverse and as passionate as this alternative rock band’s eclectic back catalog.
Coves / Voltaire Road Studios / Clapham / shot by Rob Blackham for

Coves / Voltaire Road Studios / Clapham / shot by Rob Blackham for

The only support band for the night was rising stars Coves. This indie two piece, signed to 1965 records is made up of Rebekah Wood and John Ridgard whose fresh energy reeks of a humble nature and clear musical connection, which is shown heavily in their stage presence.  What makes the band something to keep an eye on is their brilliant blend of music. Throw in a bit of Pixies (obviously), Smashing Pumpkins, Hole and Morrissey (solo) in the blender and you have Coves. It’s slightly funky, slightly out there, pretty gothic and insatiably indie. Coves are definitely set to be a festival favorite in a year or so, their stand out track on the night Storm is one I look forward to seeing belted back to them in the forth coming appearances.

What more can I say about The Pixies? They’ve still fucking got it. The air in Brixton academy had a tinge of Mary Jane to it, taking me back to hazy days spent in university getting to grips of the mad poetic world Black Francis has penned in to The Pixies defining lyrics. The band played fan favourites including Where Is My Mind, Bone Machine, Here Comes Your Man, Hey and ‘encore’ Planet of Sound. New tracks such as recent release Um Chugga Lugga  was thrown in to the mix to remind fans that a new, more to The Pixies nature (something hopefully different from 2013’s Indie Cindy) album is on its way.


I say they still fucking have it because they do. BUT you can’t help but feel the void that has been left by Kim Deal’s departure. Yes Paz Lenchantin is kicking ass and has love from the fans, BUT Kim is a vital ingredient that sets The Pixies a blaze.

All in all it was a sweaty gig that saw me covered in beer, taking the last train from Brixton and running off coffee the next day as the pogoing took it out of me. Good way to start the week I’d say.

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