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“What are the ingredients of a great guitar-based act?” I’ve been asked many a time. Well, isn’t that the magic of a band? The not knowing? What I do know is that Childcare are offering some pretty catchy indie-fused riffs that are an exciting alternative to the standard fare that seems to be pushed more and more by tired ears in the industry. House Of Savages ninth event offers our fellow London crowd the chance to meet someone very special indeed in this act.

None of this two-pager business about how the act ‘melded’ together and their current guise as we see them now came to ‘fruition’…Childcare exists because of Ed Cares. One man with enough kookiness on stage to fill a teapot lives a pretty responsible and contrasting life in actual childcare, with a selection of super-critical and unabashed feedback coming through daily.

Frontman aside, the complete outfit is a finely tuned musical beast bringing power chords and intricately plucked melodies to life with vigour. I’ve said this to fellow music-beings and we just can’t understand why this sound hasn’t flown. Of course they’re not ‘pop’ music, they’re not ready to be filed under ‘indie’ nor would they ever grave the main-stage of Download festival be yet we have a fantastic alt. rock act here on stand-by ready to be catapulted into the world. Whether you prefer your beer sipped by side of stage or throw ungraciously across the person three in front Childcare’s set can make that happen. I’m a fan of both sides of the spectrum personally, but there’s something for even the most skeptical of audience members.

So, if you like your music  well-crafted with wonderfully unique stage presence (and approved by the blunt and often brutal subjection of under 10s), then we look forward to seeing you June 10th for this very special headliner.

PS – we’re also  waving goodbye to their current drummer, so show the guys how bloody rad you all are and bust out a few moves.

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