Kodaline Unveil Music Video- ‘All I Want’ Part 2

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Following a massively respectable year for Dublin Indie/Pop group, Kodaline, the guys have planted something special at the roots of their success…

Kodaline’s début single ‘All I Want’, is what essentially got people talking. Once accompanied with the story-telling, emotive Music Video of a man desperately trying to be accepted by society, the online world went crazy and Kodaline had made it.

One damn good song later and four guys from Ireland were very quickly becoming the most talked about band on the scene, before even releasing their début album (which then went and topped the charts by the way…).

Now, just after the success of ‘A Perfect World’, Kodaline have decided to relieve the torture amongst fans, shooting guesses at the result of the ‘All I Want’ Music Video, and produce Part 2. This video, equipped with the very same track, continues the story of the man and how he struggles to fit in, eventually stumbling into a resolution.

Top marks to Kodaline!

Kodaline – All I Want (Part 2) on MUZU.TV.

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