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Wyvern Lingo played a lovely set in the Big Top stage during their first ever Indiependence appearance.

Ahead of their slot, I had the chance to sit down and have a quick chat with the girls.

You’re set to play Indiependence tonight, are you excited?

Yes! Can’t wait! It’s gonna be unreal!

Is there a big difference between playing a festival gig and a normal headline gig?

Yes. At a festival you’re not really sure what to expect, but it’s usually more relaxed. Festival crowds are a lot more open-minded – we had a great time at Sea Sessions, that was deadly fun. Longitude was also great. We really like festivals, we’re avid festival-goers and appreciate the vibe.

Do you think your style works better within a festival vibe?

I don’t know if I’d say it works better or worse, but it’s definitely a different atmosphere. At a headline gig you know exactly what to expect – but at a festival everyone in the crowd is experiencing their own day, or weekend, out you know? It’s good if you can be one of those things they talk about afterwards. We tend to play a bit differently in that we’re more engaging and shout a bit more! The atmosphere’s always great and everyone’s always in a good mood.

Would you shape your setlist differently [at festivals]?

No, we haven’t. We’re pretty happy with our setlist at the moment. We just throw it out and see how it goes down!

You released your first EP last year – how has the feedback been?

It’s been really good! We just came back from recording our second EP so that’s exciting.

-Is there a release date set for that?

We can say October-ish! 

The EP has given us a great wave of momentum – it’s no longer just a hobby where we say “ah we’ll give it a go”, now we’re actually working on the songs to make them better and now we’re giving it a proper go!

For anyone who knows that first EP and who sees us tonight they’ll probably think “oh my god, it’s a different band!” – In our heads that’s a good thing, it’s a much better band. Our sound has evolved. We’re just playing more now, the music is feeling better and grooving better and we know what we’re going for a bit more now.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

We’re all secretly taking a holiday next week! And then we come back and we’ll have Belsonic in Belfast and Electric Picnic which will be amazing, and then our EP release! We’ve done lots of touring and little things so it’s exciting to go back to releasing something.


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