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Following the release of their EP ‘Hand In Hand’, Walking On Cars are filling an array of festival slots this Summer, including Indiependence and Electric Picnic.

Back at Mitchelstown’s Deer Farm to play the Main Stage at Indiependence after their packed out Beer Hall performance last year, Walking On Cars took some time to chat to us in their dressing room before their set.

You guys are set to play Indie later – are you excited for that?

SorchaVery excited yeah! Main stage this year so it’s pretty big for us.

Yeah, you played the Beer Hall last year, so you’ve been massively upgraded!

PatrickWe did yeah, and we played an even smaller stage the year before so it’s a big step up.

You skipped an entire stage! Casually bypassed the Big Top!

PatrickOh yeah! Maybe next year! If the album doesn’t go too well!

You recently released your EP ‘Hand In Hand’ – how has the reaction been to that?

SorchaReally good!

PatrickYeah the video is a bit creepy! But I think people liked it, it’s a bit different from the first EP and that was the plan so we’re just looking forward to getting the album out there now.

Yeah I was just gonna ask if there were plans for an album or are you set on more EPs first or what’s the deal?

PaulWe have an album recorded and I think the next step is to release a single off the album and then possibly release the album next year, early sometime.

You’ve been kind of building a big fan base, gradually and then sort of all at once. With that, did you guys ever feel pressure to get releases out?

Sorcha: I think obviously you want to keep your fans interested but we just kind of release something when we have something, and you kind of know when it’s time to release something again.

PatrickYeah sure after the third single we sort of went off the radar for about six months just to start writing again and make sure what we were gonna release was what we wanted to release rather than something that was rushed.

In terms of the Irish music scene at the moment, it’s really thriving. Are there any bands or artists you’re particularly liking?

SorchaSo many good bands!

PatrickThere’s a lot. There’s obviously the Kodaline lads, they’re doing amazing. There’s a guy called Ian Doherty who I think is gonna be huge. In the next few years he’s gonna be savage!

Anyone you’re sticking around to see this weekend?

SorchaHozier anyway, can’t wait to see him on Sunday! 

PatrickI’m really looking forward to seeing Tom Odell, he’s out there somewhere! 

Other than Indiependence, what have you guys got planned for the Summer?

PatrickWe’ve got the Rose of Tralee in two weeks, then we’ve got Electric Picnic after. Then September we’ll be heading off to London for our first show there, and we’ve a trip to Germany randomly enough, and then we’re off to the US for a week.

How have you found fanbases abroad in comparison to here?

PatrickI don’t think we have!

PaulWell we have in London ’cause that gig sold out so we’re happy with that. But we haven’t really played anywhere else so we’re not sure what’s gonna happen.

PatrickWe’ll tell you in a couple of months! I’d say it’ll just be starting again, play in front of ten people, then play in front of 50 people. Slowly build it.

Thank you so much for that interview guys!

PatrickNo problem at all!

SorchaNo bother!

PaulThank you!




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