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Currently working on a brand new album, Paddy Casey is set to open the 2015 Bulmers Live at Leopardstown series this week.


We had a quick chat with the Irish favourite to find out a bit about the forthcoming album, his writing process and what’s coming up for him as an artist.


Speaking about the forthcoming Leopardstown show, Paddy told us he’d actually played the festival series before a few years back and was quite nervous going into it this time as he’ll be playing with the full band for the first time in six months. He told us he’s “excited, but nervous. You sort of forget what it’s like to play with the band, it’s been about six months“.


We posed a few questions about the writing and recording process of ‘The Secret Life Of’, which Casey explained was a very natural progression of songwriting. It was produced at home and released as Paddy’s first with the absence of a record label. The decision to go without a label, he explained, was a process of weighing up the pros and cons. He spoke about how with the backing of a label, you’re a lot more supported with many things you do as an artist, but Paddy is enjoying the creative freedom and his ability to do things as he wishes, without anyone telling him the way it should be done. He insisted there was absolutely no bad blood at all between himself and his previous label.


Currently working on a new album, the songster expects to release a double album, one full sounding, properly produced record, and one raw and acoustic album which he says will be quite different. Unsure yet as to how it will all run, he reckons they’ll be released as a package deal.


With plenty coming up over the Summer, you can catch Paddy live at a number of festivals during the season, and he’s very much looking forward to playing at Killarney Festival later this month.


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