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With their latest/second album having reached massive heights at No.1 in the iTunes chart within 24 hours of release, Original Rudeboys (O.R.B) are set to play Marlay Park this July with Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

We caught up with rapper/vocalist, Sean “Neddy” Arkins to talk about the album, the journey of O.R.B so far, and what’s next on the cards…

Hey Neddy, how are you?

Hiya, how’s it going!? I’m all good, very good!

Good! Let’s talk about the new album first. Straight to No.1 in less than 24 hours – how was that?

It’s been mad! Obviously it’s the second album and the last one did really well so it’s not totally new to us but when you put out new music, there’s always a chance that it’s not gonna get the great response that your first album probably got. But it has, it got to number one on iTunes and I also found out today – I was actually told before but I wasn’t listening – it was the highest selling physical album in HMV this year!

Oh wow! Congrats on that!

Thank you! I’m really taken aback by it!

I suppose with this album, as opposed to the first one, it has quite a progressive sound. A lot of the tracks and the general vibe seems to be a lot more “full”, if you will. Was that intentional or did it just sort of happen while you were writing the material?

Yeah that was very much intentional. The first album was a very raw learning curve for us as a band. We had the pleasure of working with The Script lads then when we supported them on tour. Every night we’d sit down and talk about where to take the songs and melodies, so we took all that on board and hit the studio. So yeah, definitely very much intentional.

The three singles that have been released from the album are all doing quite well in their own right. Is there one in particular that you enjoyed working on the most or that you absolutely love playing live?

Well, out of the three singles, the third one we haven’t actually done live yet, that’s how new it is. So, between the other two, probably the first one just because it was the first single off the new album – ‘Never Gonna Walk Away’. That’s one I love to do live. I think it’s just a real fan favourite and we were fortunate enough to win “Song of the Year” with it so it’s always great at a gig when we start playing that one and people recognise it. Always a great reaction. 

Speaking of live shows, you guys are set to play Marlay Park on July 2nd with Kanye and Pharrell – no biggie! Excited for that?

Absolutely yeah! Hopefully it’s a good day, I’m more looking forward to the few beers! But it’s a great opportunity. Just to say you’ve supported Kanye West is huge. And it also helps that myself and Walshy [ukulele] are huge fans of him. Especially Walshy, he’s obsessed with his production and that so he might be a bit of a fangirl on the day! But it’s a great opportunity and it’s great that it’s a homegrown act opening up the stage. 

So, other than that one, have you guys got any festival slots planned for the Summer?

Yeah, we actually just got news, but we can’t really say anything! But it’s in the bag that we’ll be playing some festivals in the UK and also some big ones in Ireland that we’ll hopefully have the privilege of playing this year as well. But, nothing has been confirmed yet so I don’t wanna look like an idiot and say it is!

Keep it mysterious! Just briefly to finish, can you put O.R.B’s journey so far into three words!?

Oooh, good question! Ehmmm, really really crazy!

Perfect! Thank you so much for chatting to us mate, lovely talking you again. I’m sure I’ll catch you at a gig or festival soon.

No worries, catch you there!


O.R.B play Marlay Park on July 2nd. 

The new single ‘Can’t Let Go‘ is released on July 4th.

O.R.B also play a HMV All Ages tour across the following: 
Friday 11th Dolan’s Limerick
Saturday 12th Cyprus Avenue Cork (all ages matinee and over 18’s evening gig)
Sunday 13th Monroes Galway
Wednesday 16th INEC Killarney
Thursday 17th  Spirit Store Dundalk


Check out the Official Music Video for ‘Feel It In Your Soul’ below:


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