Interview: MOUPIA Hats

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Here we are again looking for the most interesting indpendent clothing brands just for your eyes. This week we came across the amazing Madrid based MOUPIA company who create original 5 panel hats (or snap backs to some of you). I caught up with them to find out what makes them tick, what inspires their designs and what they have planned next.


How did MOUPIA come about?

Moupia was born from our store Moustache (that’s why it’s name MOUstache at PIAmonte street) we were carrying lots of different brands and also sold 5 panel hats, we realize how well 5 panels were selling so we decided to try to make our own. In Spain there is always been a big culture about craftmanship hats, so we wanted to try to make 5 panels with this philosophy: all handmade and great quality, so to contribute with something different to the 5panel world. After working on some samples we thought that the hats looked fantastic so we decided to launch MOUPIA.

Your Hats are so unique, what inspired your designs and style?

Our style is just our style (I don’t know how to explain this), I mean we make things that we totally love and that we’d wear. We don’t make any hats just for the thought of selling them and the money, you know what I mean? If we love it we make it. So I guess our style is an “accumulation” of all the things we saw, listened, loved, wore… since we were children.

Which Hat are you most proud of out of the latest range?

I guess I would say the “Night Sailing” hat. My partner Damien had a Ralph Lauren shirt for a long time that we both loved so much, it had that same printing. We were able to find that exact fabric so we made the hat with it, 5 panel and 6 panel. That felt awesome.


If Moupia had the chance to collaborate with any celebrity/band who would you choose?

We’d really like to bring back Richard Pryor to wear our hats and represent us, ha!

What is the plan for the future of MOUPIA hats?

We are working on making more items other than hats, sweaters, tshirts… we’ll keep working also on our kids range and I guess we’ll see what the future lies ahead and move forward.

Anything else you would like to add?

Mmm… I’m sure I would like to add something, but I better send you this now cause this is taking me too long…


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