Interview: Inti Rowland – “I always think of myself as a writer before a singer”

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It’s not just the melody and lyrics which matter in music. Sometimes it’s about the quiet in between – the emotional build up followed by an aching silence. Upcoming folk singer/songwriter Inti Rowland has certainly mastered this in his musical creations, taking the listener on a journey with him, each song a story.  

We caught up with him over a cuppa to find out what this year has in store for him…

So I’ve seen you gig and it’s hard to pinpoint your genre. ‘Folk’ is just too broad. If you had to sum it up, can you tell us how you would best describe your music?

I’d probably describe my musical style as orchestral dream pop. I think that’s weird and relevant enough!

That’s a new one! 

Well they are just songs – we as a band interpret them in so many ways. They could just as easily lend themselves to a rockier style. They don’t really have the standard verse/bridge/chorus format. I always think of myself as a writer before a singer [N.B I disagree with this as Inti has spine-tingling capabilities as a singer].

You’ve been working on a brand new album, when can we hear it?

The album is going to be out later this year, but I’m still deciding whether it’s going to be self-published or released through a label. I can see the pros and cons for both. It’s ready to go, the tracks are all complete. I’ve been previewing some of the new tracks in my last few gigs with the full arrangement – string quartet, percussion, the full band, which has been great. I just have to figure out the release plans!

And finally, aside from the album what else does this year have in store for you?

I’ve got some more shows in London coming up and I’m hoping to tour in the next month or so. I’m just about to start a residency at the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green [London]. Each month a collection of hand picked musicians will perform a completely acoustic unplugged set and we will be closing the evening as a full band. This year I’m also playing MandStock Festival in Lake Garda in August.


Catch Inti this for his first session at the Gallery Cafe and check back here soon for his upcoming Playedbare session.


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