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The Horrors are pretty much the reason I listen to music. Sonic Youth, The Birthday Party and Kraftwerkare just a few of the bands that I now  adore after endorsements from The Horrors. I caught up with guitarist Josh Hayward about playing older songs, new records and side projects.

 During the first week of July you’ll be playing a headline set at Blissfields, do you think headlining such festivals helps you to continue to evolve as a live band?

Of course, it’s a different responsibility when you’re on last, completely different challenges. Whether this means faris will start impersonating the boss remains to be seen…..

Three Decades has recently crept its way back into the set for the first time since 2012, does taking time away from playing live often lead to reflection on and change to the live show? Can we expect to see any other older tracks on setlists in the near future?

It’s in there at the moment as a wildcard, popping in when it suits the occasion. It’s a short racket but it still feels good to play. Other ones may pop in, and think you’ll have to wait a while if you’re talking about the really early ones.

There’s newer tracks such as Jealous Sun from the latest LP that didn’t make the cut on the last tour, is there any chance that this could get an outing at some point?

As it’s festival season we’re keeping the set light and energetic to combat the chance of mud. The doom march of jealous sun may be best kept indoors I’m afraid.

It’s no secret of course that you’re currently in the studio working on new material, is taking time away to play live something that you feel benefits your creativity? How long will we be waiting before we can hear new material?

I’m going to say early next year but that is course subject to change completely. Going away at weekends is a double edged sword, it offers a moment of release and when you return a degree of perspective. On the the other hand it can take you away from something when you’re right in the middle of it. Still, I’d much rather be doing the festivals than not.

You recently worked on the new Novella LP and there’s been a bunch of new Cats Eyes tracks too, is working on more projects than just The Horrors something that you feel helps to keep your sound evolving?

After spending a long time writing and recording a record in the studio it was great to help with the opposite, the Novella record was recorded in a week and was planned out before they even set foot in the door. After being stuck in your own thing it’s good to learn from others for a bit, so we all seek that out.

After cancelling a load of American dates last year, the future of the band became (at least on the social media rumour mill) uncertain, is your proactive approach to 2015 confirmation that The Horrors are going nowhere?

Whoa there playboy! Too much internet is bad for you, you’ll start speaking like you’re from LA next.

Are these summer shows very much still part of the Luminous tour or will you be debuting new tracks over the course of the next few months?

This is more a complete big top Horrors festival experience, janus looking from start to finish. We will however decline from ‘trying out’ unfinished ‘tracks’ on thrill seeking audiences.

Last summer I know you caught The Dandy Warhols and Portishead over festival season, is there anybody you particularly want to see this year? Who would headline a festival curated by The Horrors?

I think the entire band would agree on Kraftwerk as the headliner. It’s tricky to have us all agree but that would be unanimous. 

Finally, how has the first half of  2015 treated you as music fans? Are there any records from the last six months that have really stood out for you?

I’m liking that UMO one multilove, it’s especially good in the sun we’re currently having. Earl Sweatshirt’s one was nice too.


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