Interview: Death League Clothing

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This week’s clothing spotlight is the rock and roll orientated Death League brand. These guys live and breath the alternative life style, which echo’s immensely throughout the inspiration of their clothes. I managed to have a chat with them about their plans for the future, and why you should take notice of these guys,

So guys, whats the story behind Death League?

It was a warm summer night, July 15th (my birthday) to be exact. I bummed a cigarette for my friend Julia off this guy leaned up against a wall all alone. He had an accent so I asked him if he was Russian. He said yes, so I said “Fuck yeah come party with us it’s my birthday” so we partied all night then stumbled home. It ended up we lived pretty much across the street from each other and he actually owned some stuff from my other clothing companies. It was like a super small world total mind fuck and we just kicked it off. That was the official birth of Death League.

You’ve got a really unique style, what inspired it?

When I design I actually don’t look at anything for inspiration. I’m pretty think all the same things are cool from when I was a kid so a lot of that portrays in my work. I mainly just put on some music, maybe drink a little red wine and go for it. I believe my playlist for this last line was: A$AP Rocky, Bring Me The Horizon, Our Mountain, Comeback Kid, Trinidad James, Black Flag and a shit ton of Russian Rock. 

Which piece are you most proud of out of the latest range?

That would be like a parent trying to decide which of their kids they love most. 

 If Death League had the chance to collaborate with any celebrity/band who would you choose?

We’d collaborate with Justin Bieber cuz now he’s a slut and smokes weed. If not Justin Bieber we’d probably wanna collaborate with Brad Pitt because that would make no sense.

You’re pretty activate on Social media, do you find this is helping build a community around Death League Clothing?

Yeah social media is actually the #1 way to do anything these days.
I mean we still go to the streets and Death League the shit outta everything, which also gets a lot of new kids jumping on our train, but now that everyone lives in front of a computer screen that is how to do it.

What is the plan for the future for Death League?

The next season then the next, repeat, repeat, repeat until I die. 
Lamborghini off a Titanic replica into the see and swallowed by the same whale that swallowed Pinocchio. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Don’t punch a dragon in the face while he is breathing fire unless you are wearing a Death League shirt.
Buy our clothes unless you like being uncool. 
Shout out to Olga!
Death League.

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