Fortitude Picks: 5 Acts To See At Reading & Leeds Festival 2014

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With the extreme variety and vast number of successful acts performing, it was a real struggle to narrow it down to a list of just 5 must-see acts at this year’s Reading Festival.

Given the amount of talent participating and the heavy number of performances listed, we have managed to pick out the acts we feel offer the most exciting, the most differentiating and all in all the most stand out performances shown on the line up. These acts don’t just give you a welcome, a song and a performance. These acts give you an erratic taste of heaven. These acts give you a festival.


Vastly becoming bigger and bigger in association with bands such as The 1975, The Neighbourhood gives you a taste of upbeat indie. Not your usual indie rock band, The Neighbourhood specialises in a variety of melodic talent. Each song telling a different relatable story, the crowd will be roaring for their distinct harmonies and catchy rhythms. Relaxing, intense yet hard not to dance to, The Neighbourhood will give you one hell of a show you just can’t afford to miss.


Who hasn’t heard of ‘Pumped Up Kicks‘? This song especially is chill worthy, with such a dark storyline behind it, yet specialising in such a cheerful beat and the catchiest lyrics, I imagine the performance to be nothing but uplifting and entertaining. With such a large band behind the song, it will be both satisfying and intriguing to watch live.

Foster The People – ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ on MUZU.TV.


After seeing the Artic Monkeys live in Earls Court last year and being given the experience of a lifetime, I found it hard not to recommend this band. You know you get some bands that you listen to and then hear live and think… “Is this the same band?” Well lets just say, you will not be disappointed watching Alex Turner sing his quirky lyrics in his uniquely gorgeous voice.  Their stage presence and crowd involvement is on point. The lighting and prop use is phenomenal and all in all the performance of this band is insane. They honestly sound even better live.

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See on MUZU.TV.


To differentiate from more indie styled bands, we thought SBTRKT would be an interesting group to see live. With their post-dubstep vibe and intense beats, we feel SBTRKT would be a unique band to say you’ve seen. With all the equipment used and vocals put into creating their ambient sound, as well as the fresh beats added into the tracks, SBTRKT will make you scream, jump and dance like never before. Completely lose yourself in the music. Lose yourself in the Festival.

SBTRKT – Hold On on MUZU.TV.


Blink 182 is a band everyone wishes to see. Whether you grew up listening to them or see them as a newfound favourite, this old-school band gives you great memories of the past, giving you a chance to see how you’ve changed in yourself from when you were that young punk lover plugged into your iPod 24/7. With song favourites such as ‘All the small things‘, ‘First date‘ and ‘I miss you’, this cheeky band give you a taste of what a proper band should sound like. Real material, real stories and real music. There is nothing this band has to hide, they put everything they have to offer into their records and perfectly present their heartfelt passion for music. If you can feel that just from listening to their records, imagine watching them live.

blink-182 – Up all Night on MUZU.TV.


And that’s it! Our neatly picked acts we think you’d be mad to miss at Reading. See you there!

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