Evering unveil artwork to ‘City Flyer’

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 Scottish, London based duo Evering (Chris Yendell & Dawn Coulshed) are set to release their latest single ‘City Flyer’ and gave us the exclusive premier of the artwork to the track! We managed to catch up with them for their plans this year.

city flyer white balance_Fotor (1)

Artwork by anneschubert.net

Hey both! Can you tell us the story behind the single ‘Have No Fear’?

The song is about keeping your head held high and powering on with a positive outlook when things are not going to plan or you begin to doubt your own abilities. Maybe we’re idealists, but it’s nice to grab hold of that drive and certainty of fully committing to an idea and believing will work out in the end. After all, there can’t be that many great things that are plain sailing from the start, can there!?

What is the story behind the video for the single?

We threw around a few ideas of how to convey overcoming a challenge and kept coming back to the idea of an artist dealing with a creative block. When we sat down with Marcy from Qsphere, who wrote the brief and directed the video, we were really keen to have a real artist/painter in the video. Luckily we have some talented friends who were happy to get involved. The artist Ashleigh is confronted by her own thoughts at times conveyed by the dancer Suzie who encourages and inspires. We also see these thoughts represented in her surroundings: running water turning to vivid black ink as she doubts herself. The film was shot indoors, reflecting Ashleigh’s struggle within her own mind where she eventually finds inspiration.

Can you tell us more about the second track you’re releasing?

The second track in the release is called City Flyer. The song is based around observations of city life and how the individuals who excel here can often come across as being arrogant; perhaps they are just blissfully unaware of how their actions may affect those around them as they navigate their way through such a fast pace lifestyle.  There is a distinct contrast between City Flyer and the other single..

What have you got planned this summer?

In between our shows this summer, we’ll be getting back to the drawing board to finish another batch of new songs that we have in the pipeline ahead of some more studio time later this year. Gig wise, we’re thrilled to be able to tour the UK and Ireland and play a few festivals both here and in Europe. Some of the shows we’re really looking forward to include the celtic dates, Greenstone Festival with BBC Introducing and Live at Heart in Sweden.


What have you been listening to recently that may have been a source of inspiration?

Between us we manage to cover all sorts of styles of music from Laura Marling to Vulfpeck, or Nick Mulvey to GoGo. We’ve even been revisiting some of the guys we believe to be the late greats, including the likes Nick Drake for some new cover inspiration. The Nick Drake cover a bit more straight up compared to previous versions we have made of Kavinsky’s Night Call or the Mash up of Rae Morris and Tom Odell’s Grow and I know that we arranged.

What else have you got planned for the rest of the year?

We’re Always wanting to move forward with our sound, we’re both guilty of buying new instruments/toys to play with. It keeps things exciting! We’ve even been talking of collaborations with instrumentalists and a choir. We can certainly say that we’re excited about what we’ve got in store for the next year and we’ll look forward to being able to share more with you as we go.

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