EP Review: The Wellspring – Easy Tiger

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Dov Rosenblatt and Talia Osteen make up the indie folk-pop duo, known as The Wellspring, and return with a new self-produced EP.

We are brought into the first track with an upbeat vibe ‘Say Yes!’. The verse works well with only a bass line and drum beat with Talia providing some subtle harmonies throughout. The chorus is simply a repetition of the song title with the inclusion of brass instruments giving it that triumphant exclaim with an exuberant instrumental including a trumpet solo. With lyrics “Say yes to music in the street, dance to your own beat…go out all night, put up a fight, say yes tonight” giving a care-free vibe and adding to the euphoric feel.

Onwards (feat. Cobe Jones)’ starts with a banjo introduction, showing vibes of their country influences along with a catchy whistling line throughout the verses. With a rap from Cobe Jones, it shows the versatility of their style and makes the track more unique. A sing-a-long of “na’s” and claps ends the song.

Got my eyes on you, got your eyes on me, undeniable chemistry…“,Talia takes lead vocals on the love song, ‘You’re Everything’, with additional harmonies adding layers to her own vocals. The cool bass line of the track carries the song with subtle accompaniments of brass instruments and electric guitar riffs throughout.

Here We Go’ comes in with a guitar riff and drum beat which plays throughout. The track seems to encourage reaching for your dreams with motivational lyrics, “Say dream big… if you want something you gotta take the shot… ” and “Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, nothing gets in our way starting today…“. Trumpets are used again in this track, adding that extra element to the song, along with a surprising addition of a synth-loop towards the end of the track.

Final track ‘Chase That Horizon’ sounds like a track suited for a road trip, imagining a scene of chasing a horizon across highway roads, containing more banjo riffs and a repeated catchy whistle to imitate.

Overall, the latest EP is a feel-good, positive and upbeat collection of tunes.

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