EP Review: Thula Borah – ‘Near Life Experience’

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  • EP Review: Thula Borah - 'Near Life Experience'
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Glasgow’s Thula Borah  – Lloyd James Fay, Matthew Williams, Kevin Heimann and Michael O’Rourke – have previously received support from the likes of BBC Radio Scotland, and played Manchester’s Indie Week Europe, and are now set to wow listeners with their explosive new EP.

Opening track ‘Analysis Paralysis’ creates an eerie sense of impending dread as reverb-strewn hooks reminiscent of early QOTSA build a dramatic intensity. It’s a powerful and  climactic instrumental introduction to this epic, hard-hitting collection of tracks.

Filled with whirring hooks and ambient reverb, ‘The Psychopath Test’ is another haunting soundscape. As vocals echo alongside racing riffs and tight beats, rich musical layers are created, instantly grabbing your attention and drawing you into its intensity.  

Following track ‘Confabulation’ begins in a shoegazey cloud of feedback. Reminiscent of early noughties band My Vitriol, it flows with a dream-like haze as languid vocals echo against chiming hooks, creating an alluring, hypnotic aura.

Signalling the start of the more introspective second half of the record, ‘Do No Harm’ is a more reflective offering. Oozing twinkling, gentle finger-picking melodies, it then builds to a climax of impassioned vocals and thrashing riffs. Continuing in this vein is the 9 minute masterpiece, ‘Unhappen’. As hazy riffs and impending pounding beats develop into a catchy refrain, sweeping emotion-filled cries can be heard. An epic fusion of sounds, it’s a spectacular and intense sonic cacophony.

‘Near Life Experience’ offers a gentle, reflective end to the collection. As atmospheric harmonies sweep across emotive vocals and delicate melodies, it oozes a subtle emotive power and heart-wrenching passion.

Each song on this EP creates its own epic soundscape. Musically rich and diverse, it’s filled with the perfect balance of nostalgia and refreshing immediacy. It’s impossible not to get lost inside this truly immersive and intense collection of tracks.

Near Life Experience is out now via Kill Jester Records.

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