EP Review: Tanners Pool – Out Of Line

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Originally forming in Oxford last year after songwriting duo Jess and Matt Ashdale joined forces with bassist Seth Rogers and drummer Shoji Maeno, Tanners Pool have now released their debut EP.

Out Of Line serves as a perfect introduction to the band; an energy-fuelled offering that’ll leave you longing for more. As opening track ‘Bad Advice’ blasts into your ears, it’ll instantly blow you away with its uptempo, racing beats and impressive, funk-filled riffs.

Continuing in the same vein, ‘I’m Long Gone’ fizzles with Jess’s thrashing guitar and catchy, funk-infused hooks, With definite shades of the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and bluesy refrains, it’s an impassioned offering, showcasing Tanners Pool’s skill for creating strong slices of powerful funk-rock.

Penultimate track ‘Nothing And Nobody’ beings with the sound of distorted guitars that then develop into a distinctive, catchy melody – setting in motion the pattern of alternating between frenzied, fuzzy riffs and gentler, more melodic refrains.

Drawing Out Of Line to a close is ‘Plastic Wings’; again driven by powerful riffs, it flows with repeated catchy lyrics and fast-paced, uptempo beats.

Although consistent in its catchy, uptempo rock, it is the first two tracks of Out Of Line that shine the brightest and allow us to hear just what funk-filled brilliance Tanners Pool are capable of.

Out Of Line is out now via Alt/Logic.

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