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We’re a bit late to the party with this one but, as they say, better late than never! Scott Swain’s EP ‘Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home’ is a wonderful work of music from start to finish and the concept behind it is wonderfully intriguing.

Kicking off with with the atmospheric ‘Rachel’ (inspired by the film Blade Runner), the single soars with cinematic soundscapes from the very beginning. Swain’s soft, emotive vocal also fitting the musicality wonderfully, allows you to really feel as though you’re on the journey with him. Each track on this EP has something to do with Brexit, however, Swain has also cleverly created an ‘alternative dimension’ where each song is about a particular film that has inspired him.

The most stand out track on the EP, arguably, is the anthemic ‘Its Too Late’ (based on the French film Irreversible). This track, and previously released single, is undeniably catchy from the offset. Filled with full throttle musicality and some stunning strings moments that are bound to make you tingle.

Reminiscent of the likes of The National and even Radiohead, this EP certainly has a bit of something for everyone. Not only are it’s themes extremely apt for the unfortunate time we’re living in, it feels as though it has even deeper levels. With every listen, you discover something new, and that is certainly not something to be sniffed out. We are excited to see what Swain gets up to next.

‘Goodbye Country, Goodbye Home’ is out now via Resonating Wood Recordings.

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