EP Review: Crash Club – ‘C.C.101’

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Consisting of brothers Aran and Neal McHarg, with cousins Sammy and Colin, Crash Club are one of the most innovative and exciting bands around. Having been voted ‘Best Electronic Artist’ at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, and played at Isle of Wight Festival, they have just released a brand new EP.

With no one permanent vocalist, C.C.101 features contributions from a range of impressive session guests, and expertly fuses together electro-dance sounds with a distinct, indie-rock vibe.

Featuring Ian Mackinnon on vocals, opening track ‘Pennydrop’ is a fitting introduction to the band’s eclectic sound. Powered by glitchy, pummelling beats and an electro dance energy, the track then builds to a catchy indie-rock anthem. Driven by an intense, climactic power, it’s an innovative creation channelling a fusion between the likes of Kasabian and The Chemical Brothers.

The next track, ‘Chemicals’ feat. Dougals O’Neil, is an instant club hit. Oozing fuzzy beats and an energy-fuelled power, it races with electro beats and screeching beats alongside powerful, impassioned vocals. ‘Recondition’ (feat. Ian Mackinnon), on the other hand, is a spacey cacophony of sound. Building its musical layers throughout, catchy hooks are propelled by an underlying, pounding electro force. Whilst Mackinnon’s vocals give the track a distinct nostalgia, Crash Club have managed to create an entirely refreshing and contemporary fusion of sounds.

With Tony Costello on vocals, EP closer ‘Last Dance’ is a powerful end to the collection. With dirty beats and glitchy sounds, alongside the intensity of the vocals, the track builds to an impassioned, cinematic climax as it races with a frantic energy.

If you’re looking for an innovative, eclectic collection of sounds, then look no further. Crash Club’s C.C.101 proves they’re one of the most exciting bands around, not afraid to push the boundaries of what listeners might expect.

is out now via Samba Hut Records.

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