SLDGHMR’s Free Single Giveaway Featuring You Love Her Cos She’s Dead

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It takes a special kind of skill to make electronic music that deserves to be blasted through speakers, headphones, car stereos, and more; SLDGHMR seems to have accomplished that feat with their latest ‘Reset EP’.

The French electro-techno duo out of Miami, Florida, includes members Corey Siegel and Antonio Torres. Within one year they have already become a major force with such accomplishments as a top 5 remix on Hype Machine (for Bloc Party), a top 5 original song ‘I Just Want You To Know’ and shows with Steve Aoki, Crookers, Brodinski and M Machine.

Starting with the title track, a massive techno-driven jaunt with commanding vocals and a post TRON vibe, the ‘Reset EP’ traverses over six tracks that effectively deliver a dark yet danceable sound.

‘I Just Want You To Know’ continues along the techno route, with slamming kick drums and vocals with the help of You Love Her Cos She’s Dead. Pitched down vocals on ‘Welcome To The Technodome’ are a tongue-in-cheek ode to techno and, upon more careful examination, outside genres as well. ‘BAOM’ is perhaps the darkest of the release, channelling the dark French techno wave with carefully placed stabs and staccatos.

The EP then slows down on ‘Shadows Dancing’ with softer vocal cuts and piano chords. Closing the EP is ‘Back To The Start’, an effortless fusion of techno and disco aided by the ever-talented and loquacious Louisahhh!!! on vocals.

Check out and download ‘I Just Want You To Know’ below:

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