Live Review: Sub Focus @ Birmingham Institute

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I’ll give you a little confession before I start this review; I’m not a massive electronic fan but I’ll give anything a shot for a fair review all  in the name of music.

Yeah I get why people like the first DJ of the night, or as he is better known as Rockwell.  Rockwell had good blend of new and old tracks in his set that made people cause a serious mosh, a mosh that I’m not even sure Bring Me The Horizon could conjurer up and Rockwell didn’t even say one word during his set, he let the music do the talking. Some parts of his set dragged but you could tell he was putting his all in to his set. Rockwell has some raw talent, but I felt that he kind of needs to focus his sound. Extra points for dropping in Bastille, made my night.


Second DJ of the night was Dismantle. I have to say if he was in charge of a rave you’d know you would be in for a treat. Dismantle gave the crowd a nice blend of Reggae, Drum & Bass, a hint of  Dubstep ( a genre which I thought was all but dead)  and topped it all off with a nice bit of Pop. Dismantle knew what it took to get the crowd going wild and didn’t over exploit it. 5/5. Never a dull moment.



The man of the night, Sub Focus had a build up to his set that had the crowd restless, but non the less once his stage was lit it, the atmosphere was euphoric. The screams, the dancing & the fun had everyone in awe. Unfortunately, I personally felt that the set was a rather repetitive. I was trying so hard not to compare Sub Focus to Chase & Status, but it had to be done, don’t get me wrong the lighting was brilliant, the sound was perfect but I just felt like a bit more should have been brought to the set, a bit more of a human feeling. Sub Focus  live is definitely for his hardcore fans. I have up most respect for him seeing that he hasn’t gone for a more commercially accessible sound like David Guetta. All I’m going to say is Mr Focus don’t rely on your hype-man too much. Get a live drummer and give some human feeling to your set, you’re most definitely a festival favorite.

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