Live Review: The Qemists – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Live Review: The Qemists - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - 09/03/2015
  • Live Review: The Qemists - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut - 09/03/2015


And for the low price of £10, it’s safe to say that this price was a bargain. It is easy to see these guys becoming huge in the near future.

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There are so many things to hate about a Monday. With the inevitability of going back to work or school after a couple short days of partying and freedom, it can be hard to look forward to the start of the week. However, when fairly cheap tickets are offered to a drum and bass gig, those Monday Blues can be easily cured. Especially with a group like the Qemists.

Hailing from Brighton, these guys are on the rise. With their fusion of electronic rock and drum and bass, the band has often been compared to drum and bass giants, like Pendulum and The Prodigy. They have also supported other large bands, supporting Enter Shikari in 2009 and working with them on the single “Take It Back” in 2011. So, since they were passing through Glasgow as part of their Warrior Sound tour, a band of this much hype was clearly worth checking out.

Opening up the night was Teklo, one man armed only with a laptop. Despite some technical difficulties which cut out some of his songs at certain points during his set, Teklo was a perfect warm up to what would be an amazing night.

Next up on the stage was the French band, the algorithm. Made up of Remi Gallego and Jean Ferry, these guys also suffered technical difficulties at the beginning of their set, but Jean was there to save the day by doing a five minute drum solo until Remi was able to get his equipment working. What followed was a brutal – but kick ass – performance which sounded a lot like Enter Shikari, a perfect blend of heavy metal and electronica. Remi was able to juggle between playing songs on his laptop and guitar beautifully, while Jean tore up his drum kit, literally smashing a pristine crash hat into a crumpled, destroyed shadow of its former self.

After a short breather, the light went down and the spectacular lighting rig went up, signalling the arrival of the night’s headliners. What followed was a rare and spectacular performance. The sound the singers were giving, the glorious and heavy music given off by the rest of the band, and the energy that came from the stage, it was nothing short of a perfect set. The amount of fun the guys were having on stage, the amount of hype they were giving off, all it took was a couple kindred spirits to start a mosh pit, and the place was absolutely bouncing. For such a small venue, it was an outstanding gig of godly proportions.

What really made the show memorable was when people in attendance flocked towards the merchandise stand to talk with the members of the band. For such a brutal and hyperactive performance, it was nice and refreshing to see another side of the bands. While selling merchandise, the algorithm and the qemists made it a point to talk to fans, and they gave off nothing but friendly vibes, signing tickets, taking group photos and passing on hugs. Another thing that stood out was when the frontman of the Qemists announced before a song “this is for peace, love, equality and fair marriage,”. While it’s no surprise since the band is from Brighton, it was nice to see them tearing shit up on the stage, but also spreading love out to their fans long after the show ended. And for the low price of £10, it’s safe to say that the price for this gig was a bargain. It is easy to see these guys becoming huge in the near future.

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