Clean Up Crew: 3 Ways To Keep Your Mac Healthy

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We all know that Mac has some clear advantages over PC. Without question, Macs are easier to use for the most part. They are designed to be more user friendly and that’s one of the reasons why they sell so much. They are very fast, bright, high quality construction and can be the best option for certain professions such as video editing. However, they also carry with them some downsides as although Macs are keeping in mind the user, they also don’t allow much user control or options. This becomes a problem when you’re trying to protect your Mac from external threats. Malware, spyware, viruses are threats that need to be dealt with as fast as possible. Yet once they are in the damage is already done. Sounds like a clean up crew is needed to maintain and wash away these threats.

A one click cleaner

Wouldn’t it be nice to just click once and have your Mac cleaned of any harmful files? Well, it’s kind of possible with a program called CCleaner. Whatever current session you are in, any files that have been accumulated while using the internet can be cleaned from the system using this software. It’s free to download but there is always a paid version that has more features. However the free to use version is almost as good and it’s recommended you get the hang of it before you consider the option of buying. All browsers have their own settings for what can be cleaned. Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Opera have their own sections. Your Mac system files can be cleaned also, such as the temporary.files.

Going around snooping

Some threats cannot be seen when using a Mac which is one of the clear disadvantages when compared to a PC. This is because many of the system files are hidden from the user. Unlike a PC where if you have administrative access you can open the System.32 files and edit or delete them, you cannot do the equivalent in a Mac. however using specific Finder Apps that show hidden files you can manually go through and inspect your Mac system files. Go snooping around the system operating files with caution however, as they are very delicate and hidden for a reason. If you suspect you have malware that is slowing down your Mac, downloading a Finder software will help your cause.

A color spectrum

Doing big cleans every week or so is the most common form of safety maintenance that both Mac and PC users can do. Using Daisydisk your Mac can be scanned for potential threats easily and quickly. The files are put into very large group, and displayed on a disk and wide color spectrum. Files, downloads, music are all separated and scanned and any threats can be neutralized using this software. Is a big cleaning tool that offers a broad stroke approach.
One of the disadvantages for a Mac is the inherent lack of access to system files. However using a finder app, the hidden files can be shown and explored manually. On the other hand a broad cleaner that can be used every week is also a great general maintenance tool option.

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