Bestival announce final headliners: Wiz Khalifa & Sean Paul

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Its official that the UK Festival season is in full swing, but the final blow out (and in our opinion the best) festival, Rob & Josie Da Banks Bestival has announced Sean Paul &Wiz KhalifaWiz Khalifa will be the final headliners!

Rob da Bank says: “We love a big finale at Bestival, we also love hip-hop and dancehall and a massive soundsystem superclash between Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul seems like a solid plan to close off another big weekend of music of raving, partying and expanding your minds at Bestival. Pull up!”

Commenting on his Sunday night headline performance Wiz Khalifa said: “Can’t wait to be back in the UK and perform at Bestival. The fans here have such good energy, it’s going to be lit.”

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Looking forward to his headline appearance, Sean Paul said: “I can’t wait to play at Bestival… I’ve heard the grand finale on the Sunday night is the best festival spot in the UK and I’m gonna bring the fyyyaahhh”

Bestival are coming back with another UK festival exclusive following on from Missy Elliot’s insane performance last year. Adding to the Sunday night celebrations Bestival will host a Purple Rave, set to be a truly spellbinding audio-visual tribute to the late great Prince.


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