Aston is Coming – Classical Band Kills It With Their Game of Thrones Tribute

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Aston, a classical band from Sydney, Australia, have smashed it again with their latest musical cover of a fan favourite – the theme tune from Game of Thrones.

Aston have been ‘turning popular music into symphonic masterpieces’ for a while now and every new piece seems to surpass the last. From Beyonce to Coldplay, Katy Perry to Adele and an incredibly impressive short film tribute to Lady Gaga called  ‘The Monster Symphony’, Aston never do anything by half and this Game of Thrones piece is no exception.

Dressed to impress at any feast in Westeros, Hanna (cello), Ella (piano), Dan (percussion and arrangement), Michael (violin) and Eliza (violin), as pictured left to right above, take on the epic tune with class, elegance and indisputable talent. With each instrument having its own stand-out moment (I actually found myself exclaiming “Yes, Cello!” early on in the piece) the group manage to not only do tribute to the power of the theme but also bring an important personal feel to a piece that is so well know for its dramatic epic quality that the intensity of the quieter moments could easily be lost.

Not with Aston’s cover. From powerful cello and percussion to sweeping violin harmonies followed by a spine-tingling soft piano middle section and an inventive use of percussive chains… who knew it was possible to have goosebumps for almost 6 minutes straight?

Aston are planning to release their second studio album later this year and we will be taking it with fire and blood. By which I mean buying it with money and reviewing it for Fortitude Magazine. Same thing really.

Enjoy Aston’s Game of Thrones Cover on their YouTube channel below, and if you like what you hear keep up to date via their Twitter, Facebook and Website.

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