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Having recently made the venture to solo artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian van Ravenhorst – aka Van Common – last year charmed ears with his single ‘This Afternoon’, and has now returned with another uplifting offering.

Filled with shimmering, catchy melodies and luscious, smooth vocals, ‘Moonlight Blue’ was inspired by the intimate connection Van Common feels to the moon; an enveloping connection that takes hold while the rest of the world sleeps. An utterly dreamy creation, just one listen of this track’s captivating splendour and you’ll be instantly transported to blue skies and glistening seashores. Reminiscent of the jangly joy of the likes of Real Estate, it’s a perfectly uplifting slice of sunny surf-pop.

Of the track, Van Common expands:

I kind of started singing to the moon as if she was a woman, being scared to grow too attached as she might leave me in the morning.”

‘Moonlight Blue’ is out now.

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