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There’s no denying The Pale White has what it takes to be the new sweethearts of British indie rock, and Loveless is a fine example of how they are going do it.

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The Pale White have been quietly threatening to release something epic for a while now and with “Loveless”, they may have finally done it.

The Newcastle based indie rock outfit are a band on the rise, having found themselves playing shows alongside the likes of The Amazons, The Libertines, and The Sherlocks. Though they’ve only been putting out music for two years at this point, The Pale White is a band that has all the right ingredients to make it on their own merit and be as well known as any of their touring counterparts. Nowhere is this more evident than on the single Loveless.

After releasing an EP  last year (which was pretty solid in its own right), they’ve kept the wheels turning, with this new single as Loveless presents itself as the perfect song for the trio to march into the year. From the word go, the song kicks in with its alluring bass-filled intro which carries the song all the way through. There’s no fear of the band not gripping your attention here, as the entire song is littered with their trademark charismatic lyrics. It matches up nicely with the languishing and lingering vocal tones of singer “Adam Hope”, complete with overlay effects that give it that gritty appeal.

There is an as an aspect of the track that reminds you of pretty much every song of its ilk, as ‘Loveless’ comes complete with careful, delicate harmonies; so delicate, you might miss them. But even then, the band counter this with their fair share of electrifying riffs. Then there’s the anthemic overtone in the chorus, thankfully it’s not gaudy or too “arena rock”. The bridge welcomes an attempt at a guitar solo, alongside some slight distortion, making it almost impossible to banish comparisons to The Black Keys, The Clash and any other lovable indie rock acts that are almost immediately charming, not to mention the whole track is tied together with tight production.

Maybe it’s the youthful exuberance the band gives off throughout the track, or maybe it’s that undeniably catchy hook, but it’s clear the three-piece think they have got something exciting enough to set the rock world alight. 

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