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Massively acclaimed Irish Indie/Rock 4-piece, Kodaline have finally released their debut album- ‘In A Perfect World’.

At the core of capturing international recognition, this release couldn’t have come at a better time, as they prepare for their festival-filled summer. Opening on a fantastic note, with one of the stand-out tracks on the album- ‘One Day’, Steve’s flawless falsetto qualities come into play again to captivate the meaningful lyrics behind it. A potential future radio hit, this track introduces the album with the perfect Kodaline familiarity.

Following through with the three exceptionally successful singles- ‘All I Want’, ‘Love Like This’ and ‘High Hopes’– a mix of more generic Indie sounding tracks with the ultimate summer tune of ‘Love Like This’. The album sort of follows suit of ‘High Hopes’ until the catchy beat of ‘Brand New Day’ kicks in. The electric guitar riff which kickstarts the song will be a massive festival crowd pleaser, with an underlying beat bound to have a few thousand people stamping their feet to the chorus.

Although Kodaline have been compared to U2 quite a bit since being thrown into the public eye, the first real evidence of a U2 tint for me shines through the executing chorus of ‘All Comes Down’. Steady drum beats in time with slight electric guitar, all acting as a platform for power-filled vocals; the inevitable influence of Irish legends peaks its way in.

A completely different sound, edging towards a more Folk/Pop sound than we’re used to from Kodaline, ‘Way Back When’ is a perfect feel-god, optimistic track. A definite stand-out track, having competed with a mass of quality tracks, it was nice to see more of the ‘Love Like This’ side of Kodaline.

The final track on this elegantly produced album- ‘Latch’ just completes everything. A chilled track laying on gentle piano, Kodaline seem to go back to their roots, firing that utterly powerful “woahhh” break from ‘All I Want’, which almost overflows with pride- reminiscent of what kicked everything off for them. The massive “arms in the air” sound which echoes around every venue it graces, spreading chills and goosebumps across every adoring fan present has very quickly become a symbol of Kodaline and all they are- an essentially strong band, firm in their tracks; and they will continue to deliver each and every time- the evidence is in this outstanding debut album.


You can download ‘In A Perfect World’ on iTunes.

Check out Kodaline performing ‘All I Want’ below: 

(Get this video with the deluxe edition of the album)


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