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Four-piece Manchester band Duke and the Darlings are back with their second outing, “‘Champagne of the People’. With four solid tracks to boot, this is definitely the perfect showcase for the young group.

Duke and the Darlings have only been around since 2011, but the band has already managed to build a fresh, tight and memorable sound. Punchy guitar riffs and sing-along-lyrics add this EP to the list of must-listen albums of 2013.

From the get-go, it is clear this EP is a thing of beauty. The opening track, ‘Love’s Labour Lost’, starts with a punchy, almost blues-like riff and swiftly transitions into a lovable indie verse.  The chorus is so infectious, you won’t be forgetting it any day soon.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Track Two, ‘Whiter Than White’ is the fastest song on the EP and is loaded with pure energy and another catchy chorus that you’ll find yourself singing along to almost instantly.

The third tune found here is the ballad-esque ‘Don’t Need To Be’. While it certainly is the slowest track you can hear on ‘Champagne Of The People’, by no means does it hide the energy the band has shown in the previous songs.

‘Walk Away’ closes the EP, and rightfully so. Yet another incredibly strong song with a peculiar yet unique chorus driven by the lyrics “please don’t walk away”. This track is reminiscent of an Arctic Monkeys tune, certainly containing the calibre to be so. Ending suddenly on the lyric “walk away”, a listener will find themselves hitting repeat straight away!

Although just over 10 minutes long, ‘Champagne of the People’  is a fantastic effort from Duke and the Darlings. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on, great things are definitely waiting for them in the future!


Listen to ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ below:


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