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Bleach Blood have taken just 13 minutes to wow the world with their debut; and it’s pretty damn good. The EP entitled The Young Heartbreakers Club finds various blends of synths with post aggressive punk.

Opening track ‘Let Your Heart Sing’ starts with the lyrics “She looks happy, then she’s probably happy. She looks sad then just let her be sad” is a similar track to (dare I mention it) what an early The King Blues may have delivered. It manages to combine gospel choir lyrics with a synth backing which is a nice anthemic touch.

There is however what feels like a culture clash, almost like the band aren’t too sure of route to follow for the album as second track ‘Bleached Blood’ is much lower key, it’s like a tale told by a shadowy corner dwelling character you might meet in a pub, “. . .and hurts like nothing else when you see them with someone else.” are a classic example of the dark and unsettling lyrics used throughout the track . The culture clash is still evident, with a sharp oddity created through interweaving electronic nuances with something so restrained and sinister.
This is followed by another shift of culture with ‘The Young Heartbreakers Club’ a song that truly is a show stealer and one that won’t look at all out of place in the charts. As the chorus suggests there truly is no better way to get over your ex than to repeat her name until it loses all meaning.

Each track feels like is a different band and it is difficult not to enjoy at least one. Closing with ‘I Was Born in a Rave’, Bleach Blood really fuse their genres. Punk and unruly in its opening, the track drops the attitude for a rave-fuelled breakdown.

13 minutes is not a long time to show the world what you can do, so why not truly show how wide your talent range is in one EP? Beach Blood do this very well. Fusing together 4 very different songs together and making it strangely work.


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