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With their well awaited fourth album ‘We Met At Sea’ finally being released, The Pigeon Detectives embark on another UK tour.

Tonight’s show brought them to Birmingham where they played at the well-known Institute. The guys took to the stage in front of a room full of ecstatic fans of all ages, all ready to get moving to the catchy and upbeat songs that the Yorkshire quintet are best known for.

Opening up with the first single ‘Animal’ from their new album, it doesn’t take long for the crowd and band to get into the swing of things.
Lead vocalist Matt Bowman and co blasting out hit songs from their whole back catalogue including ‘Emergency’, ‘Take Her Back’ and ‘I Won’t Come Back’, providing the crowd with plenty of opportunities to get up on their feet and sing along as loud as they can, proving that the band haven’t lost what it takes to get the crowd moving and involved after being off the scene for quite some time. The show is in full swing now, with Bowman still as energetic as he was when he first stepped on stage, throwing himself across the stage.




As the night draws almost to a close, the crowd still seem to want more and still have the energy to go on late into the night. We come to the penultimate two songs and with crowd still ready for more, the band head straight into ‘Hold Your Gaze’ from the new album setting the crowd up the final song of the evening with the well-known ‘I’m Not Sorry’, the crowd find their last bit of energy to sing along to every word, providing them with an excellent ending to a great night of music, leaving them in anticipation for when The Pigeon Detectives return in the future.


Check out the video for new single ‘Animal’ below:

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