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Bastille is the brainchild of Londoner Dan Smith. Originally a solo project Bastille evolved over time into a band and now in 2013, hoping to break out into its own entity.

The band has already played shows with label-mate Emeli Sandé and received a nod on the most recent FIFA video game. Bastille are also set to tour with Two Door Cinema Club in February and are also gearing up for their debut album to be released, “Bad Blood” will be coming out on March 4th.

“That’s not a pencilled date it’s a 100% definite, sharpie-inked; tattooed on your face!” said Dan, the vocalist of Bastille.

“We’ve focused on this album for over a year now but its origins lay deeper than that so I guess we’ve been working on it for a couple of years now and building up to this point where we are now.

Bastille have already released a hefty amount of material including tracks such as Icarus, Bad Blood and their most notable hit Flaws.

“Most of our fans will hear familiar stuff on the album but we’re also hiding some of our songs away until release date. We like to play a varied mix of our material while out on tour but obviously they’ll be some stuff which won’t make it onto the album” – Explained Keyboardist Kyle Simmons.

“I just really want the people who want to have it to have it!” said Dan.

Even though what was once a solo project is now a four-piece, original member Dan Smith still bares the creative brawn behind the group.

“I normally start with the idea and record it quite a lot of it onto my laptop which will then get passed around to other members of the band and also a mate of mine who is a producer. When the demo gets passed around my original idea will transform with the help of different creative minds. You start to see little tweaks, ideas and improvements take shape and piece together quite nicely. It’s quite a patchwork process but I really like it.” Says Dan.

To add to Bastille’s credibility as a sound to be listening too this year iTunes has named them one of twelve bands to watch out for.

“Our album Bad Blood comes out on March 4th and that is the rubber-stamped release date – its available to pre-order now. We’re nervous about it but we can’t wait to see it out there.”


Checkout Bastille’s website to download their two free mix-tapes and get a feel for the Bastille universe:



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