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  • EP Review: Native People - Tapes.
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Raking in the sun kissed sounds of the seaside, indie-dance quartet Native People’s new Tapes EP is a sentimental digression of romance, youth and dancing.

In all its vibrancy, what instantly springs to mind is just how full sounding the guitar work it is. Not enough guitar-based bands explore the genre’s groovier side nowadays, but Folkestone’s Native People are one exception.

As the summer festival season inches ever closer, theTapes EP fits the summer spirit perfectly. Despite the band’s age, Reuben Todd (21), Luke Cowie (20), Connor Tagg (18) and Hudd Smith (18), the quartet boast a mature sound beyond their years. Tracks like ‘Morals’ and ‘Tapes’ are dream-dance anthems dressed in indie-pop clothing. The group’s chemistry is highlighted by the clean rhythms, hazy harmonies and blossoming indie racket that seems to simmer throughout the EP. Courtesy of The Citrus Cloud and Lua Sonique, the Tapes EP also cuts two remixes that capture the filtered vibes that Native People so happily project.

Released independently, one can take pleasure in the fact that the EP is solely sculptured by the visions of the band themselves. Harmonically interlocked by rolling bass lines and a cull of flickered melodies, Native People have produced a real sweatbox of an indie-dance EP. Their sound is one that oscillates between routinely rhythmic to glitteringly wholesome. ‘Costume’, in particular, works in a similar fashion to the mathematic jitters of artists like Egyptian Hip-Hop and New Navy, whilst the lyrics are as esoteric and deep as bands like JAWS and Good Shoes. Despite the spectrum of influences, Native People provide a style all of their own making.

Keep your eye on these boys in 2015, as the Tapes EP signals the start of something exciting. More than just a tingle of seaside sunshine, Native People are the newest embodiment of indie-dance done right: summery, springy and a whole lot of fun.

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