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So, the ever chirpy Northerner’s Frankie and the Heartstrings are back, but boy, have I missed them! I recently learnt that their record store Pop Recs Ltd in Sunderland was originally set up in June of this year to promote the new album, but the locals loved it so much that it became a permanent fixture.

‘The Days Run Away’ is the fun, youthful, 50’s poppy Rock & Roll I expected and craved. The new single, ‘That Scene, That Girl’, fills your mind of a dance hall filled with sharp suits, slick quiffs and flying knee length skirts. While ‘Nothing Goes Our way’ is as broody as the title suggests, and yet the guitar still chirps away like a red robin.
They show another side with ‘Losing A Friend’ as it’s quiet, mournful and gentle with a shy guitar. They soon cheer up things up with ‘She Will Say Goodbye’ though. It’s a strange song ; it begins with backward swirls and has a Smiths feel to it. It certainly doesn’t feel like any other Frankie song, but I think I like it, although it’s probably the weakest track. ‘Invitation’ is back to good ol’ Frankie as it bops round the room with a guitar riff reminiscent of Pixies ‘Here Comes Your Man’. ‘First Boy’ and ‘Scratches’ are different but very good, a nice sign of growth as they feels more mature; ‘First Boy’ has a lovely guitar solo and deeper less erratic vocals while ‘Scratches’ have pounding drums and explosive choruses that contrasts wonderfully with the gentle almost reassuring melodies. Then there’s ‘Everybody Looks Better’, precisely what Frankie are famous for as it will immediately bring a smile to your face with its bouncy beat and catchy chorus; it has an amusing video too.

Finale song ‘Light That Breaks’ is a romantic acoustic song with violins and guest vocals by Sarah Hall from the band

‘Lets Buy Happiness. It’s a beautiful song and lovely way to end.
They did it. They made an album better than the last, which was a tall order. So I say, bring on the third!




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