Album Review: Right Said Fred – ‘Exactly!’

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Twenty five years after forming, and with the huge success of singles such as ‘I’m Too Sexy’, the world’s most famous sibling duo Right Said Fred are back with a brand new album.

Filled with all the uptempo pop goodness you’d expect, plus an insight into the brothers’ more reflective side, Exactly! will not be disappointing any life-long fans of the band. It’s Right Said Fred, through and through.

Album opener ‘Me And You’ features Jodie Scantlebury oozing sugar-sweet vocals alongside the siblings’ trademark deep, sultry sound. With the the addition of uptempo brass melodies, it’s an instant ‘80s-reminiscent dance hit. Next track ‘Silicon Journey’ is a catchy, witty offering reflecting on the infamous duo’s experiences of celebrity.

The record is filled with fun-filled observations of life. ‘Sweet Treats’, for example, stands out as an album highlight. Inspired by a British Airways desert, it flows with a smooth, deep drawl and infectious melodies, and does indeed turn out to be quite a guilty pleasure – you may not want to enjoy it, but you just can’t get enough. With its climactic energy and anthemic, soaring power, it’ll have you dancing round the kitchen and singing along in no time.

However, there are softer, more reflective moments on Exactly! Songs such as ‘Save Me’ and ‘One Fine Day’ contemplate themes like depression and insecurities in the form of smooth, emotion-filled ballads. And it really is quite a welcome change to hear this more tender side of the duo.

Returning to Right Said Fred’s trademark, disco-classic form, other tracks such as ‘American Girl’ and ‘We Are Believers’ offer an ‘80s-infused pulsating energy – delivering cheesy pop at its best.

Whilst Exactly! doesn’t exactly throw out any surprises, Right Said Fred will succeed in keeping long-standing fans happy by fusing together their beloved uptempo disco vibes with an insight into how they’ve become a little more contemplative and mellow with age.

Exactly! is out now.

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