Album Review: Permahorn – ‘My Blood Carries My Dreams Away’

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  • Album Review: Permahorn - 'My Blood Carries My Dreams Away'
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Working alongside infamous Shimmy-Disc producer Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500, Bongwater, Daniel Johnston), Scottish-Serbian duo Saint Pauly and Jexy Pesic, aka Permahorn, are about to release their debut album.

My Blood Carries My Dreams Away creates its own dystopian landscape in which to get completely lost in its captivating fusion of sounds. Created as a means of escapism at what was an emotionally difficult time, the album combines a dark melancholic splendour and blunt apathy, with twinkling moments of hope.

From the Velvet Underground reminiscent haunting cinematic soundscapes and exquisite harmonies of ‘Daniel and ‘Ghost’ (as eerie as the name would suggest), to the bleak spoken word vocals and gritty, morose beats of the Pavement-inspired ‘Friday’ and ‘Weather’, the album is steeped in deep, honest reflection.

Continuing the brooding, other worldly grandeur, ‘Lynch Mob’ presents us with the somewhat oxymoronic anomaly of Saint Pauly’s dark, gruff spoken word repeating the refrain of “I’m so happy…”. A stirring offering, it’ll lure you into Permahorn’s Arab Strap-reminiscent observations of everyday life, and apathy in the mundane.

Title track ‘My Blood Carries My Dreams Away’ is a truly delightful cacophony. A chaotic fusion of sounds brought together to create an impressive, multi-layered soundscape, it offers a moment of colour in its steady, fairground-inspired melodies that provide a backdrop to interwoven harmonies and off-kilter hooks.

A whirring, reverb-strewn wall of sound, ‘Radiation’ continues the slightly more uptempo momentum. With grungy shades of the likes of Sonic Youth, it’s filled with other-worldly swirling hooks and scuzzy vocals, oozing a gentle hint of optimism as the repeated refrain “I feel okay…” is echoed.

As Jexy takes the lead in tracks such as ‘Into The Dreams (SLUT)’ and ‘Vertigo’, we’re introduced to her soaring, luscious vocal. As the feedback-drenched splendour of Slint meets the twinkling, spine-tingling majesty of Nico, we’re given an insight into Permahorn’s beautiful, alluring discord.
Whilst an eclectic fusion of influences may be evident on My Blood Carries My Dreams Away, they’re ultimately brought together to create something that’s entirely unique; making it impossible not to get lost in the album’s utterly captivating dark haze and swirling dream-like chaos. Welcome to the Lynchian world of Permahorn.

My Blood Carries My Dreams Away is out out 1st December via Shimmy-500.

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