Album Review: Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

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Manson has spent over 20 years creating some of the most notorious, controversial and critically acclaimed music to ever grace the modern era.

He’s well known for speaking his mind regardless of the outcome in any situation, so naturally his tenth album is a highly anticipated one to say the least.

The self proclaimed ‘God of F**k’ may have found the sound he’s been trying to master for the past ten years. His last commercially successful album ‘The Golden Age Of Grotesque’ released in two thousand and fourteen showed him at the height of his artistic career with the subsequent albums leaving a lot to be desired, until now.

‘The Pale Emperor’ really shows a dark and sinister side to Mansons music without cranking any amps past 11 or screaming down the house. Opening song ‘Killing Strangers‘ is full of passion with a slow heavy baseline, crisp clean guitar riff, followed by the unmistakable voice of the man himself and quite a daringly mellow track to open with considering the loud reputation he has.

Even after close to a dozen albums It’s clear to see this is one artist that can reinvent himself time and time again. First single taken from the album ‘Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge‘ is one of the catchiest on the record, if the lyrics are anything to go by it’s an insight into the dark soul of the seemingly forever tormented artist.

‘The Pale Emperor’ could easily be the greatest album Manson has released to date. With songs such as ‘Deep Six‘ and ‘Birds Of Hell Awaiting‘ driving a dark force into the depth of the listener, it was definitely worth the wait.

‘The Pale Emperor’ is out now.

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