Album Review: Kate Nash – Yesterday Was Forever

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Of course, super fans will love it – but for those of us checking back in after a decade away, you won't find anything familiar here.

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For those of us born in the 90’s, the late Noughties are generally fondly reflected on as the Golden Years. Yes, admittedly, that IS when it became fashionable to listen to sped up songs by DJ Sammy and play them out loud on phones – but it was also the time of Fall Out Boy, The Wombats… and Kate Nash.

Her debut album ‘Made of Bricks’, released in the pinnacle Golden Year of 2007, was home to ‘Foundations’ – a track so perennial that it’s still played on Radio 1 at least once a week (probably). Believe it or not, Yesterday Was Forever is Nash’s fourth studio album, and her sound has certainly developed over the last 10 years. Where Made of Bricks was cutesy and folky but with a steely, don’t-fuck-with-me undertone, her newest album goes straight in for the kill with blatant fury.

In stark contrast with the title, opener ‘Life In Pink’ has more than a touch of angry punk about it – and while the guitar-twang sound doesn’t necessarily dictate the whole album, the attitude is very much felt throughout. With other song titles such as ‘Hate You’ and ‘Twisted Up’, it doesn’t take a lyrical genius to work out the context of the album. Unfortunately, the new tactic of screeching certain words won’t go down well with fans of her previous songs, and the electronic production makes her barely recognisable.

Of course, super fans will love it – but for those of us checking back in after a decade away, you won’t find anything familiar here.

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