Album Review: James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical

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James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish Folk/Indie singer from Dublin. His debut album, ‘Early in the Morning’, was released in early 2011 which gathered high praise from critiques. ‘Post Tropical’ is the follow up and it’s safe to say he’s conquered new heights with this beautifully tranquil record, equally with some inevitable set backs…

McMorrow tweeted that ‘Post Tropical’ is the album he’s been “dreamin about makin” since he first started out, and with stand out songs like ‘Cavalier’, he can’t be far wrong. This, for me, was one of the best singles of 2013 and that includes the video too; tentative vocals to start with but as the song progresses James’ soulfulness kicks in and suddenly I start floating on air.

Red Dust’ sounds as if its James Blake influenced with McMorrow’s chilling voice breathing down your neck merged with the simple but charismatic beat in the background. The song, ‘Gold’, gives the impression that there is a presence of royalty in the room, especially the trumpet solos; it’s soothing to say the least.

At times, the LP can sound a little dreary and repetitive which leads it to drag on slightly, although if you are looking for that calming and therapeutic feel, this is the complete album for you. By far, the highlight of this record is at the start and consequently songs begin to fade out towards the end and you feel as though numbers such as ‘Cavalier’ should have provided a strong ending to an ambitious album.


James Vincent McMorrow – Red Dust on MUZU.TV.


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