Album Review: The Duke Spirit – ‘Sky Is Mine’

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Following the success of last year’s album KIN, acclaimed rock band The Duke Spirit are back with a striking new offering, Sky Is Mine.

Whilst perhaps not as heavy as the band’s previous releases, what this latest album lacks in rock-fuelled energy, it makes up for in its abundance of sweeping, emotion-strewn splendour. As front woman Liela Moss says of the album: “Sonically, it’s the most tender record we have made, the expansiveness will lift hearts but the rawness will burn through greedy fingers.”

As we’re immediately introduced to the beguiling power of Moss’ vocals on album opener ‘Magenta’, a soaring majesty continues throughout the collection. As lilting melodies and twinkling vocals flow throughout ‘Bones Of Proof’, they create a dulcet lullaby that could easily soothe you into the deepest of slumbers.

From the uptempo blues- rock of ‘Houses’ and ‘YoYo’, to the heart-wrenching beauty and spellbinding power of ‘How Could How Come’ and ‘Broken Dreams’, the album as a whole searches for humanity on a planetary scale, with each track oozing its own glistening charm and subtle emotive force.

A collection rich in musical layers, Sky Is Mine flows seamlessly with a striking power and effervescent grace, with the hypnotic grandeur of Liela Moss’ vocals enticing the listener further and further in.

Sky Is Mine is out now on Ex Voto Records.

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