Album Review: Charlie Simpson – Long Road Home

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After a highly anticipated three year wait, British singer/songwriter, Charlie Simpson is finally set to release his second solo studio album ‘Long Road Home’ on August 4th.

Picking up where ‘Young Pilgrim’ left off, title track of the new record ‘Long Road Home’ kicks things off on a fuller sound than we’ve previously seen from Charlie’s solo work. A strong alternative sound blending together quality and a real punch. A great introduction to the 11 track album.

Comets’ is a little more familiar with a raw acoustic stamp staying central to the entire track. Quite an upbeat and energetic chorus, the stripped back aspects still manage to shine through.

In an interview we did with Charlie, he told us ‘Winter Hymns’ was one of his personal favourites on the album because of how raw it sounds, and we totally agree. Certainly one of the stand-out tracks on the album. Very little production, stripped back and honest.

Haunted’ is another notable track. There’s a certain euphoria in the melody, highlighting a refreshed full band sound, quite diverse from the vibe in the likes of ‘Winter Hymns’. The catchy chorus will leave “We were born together, we’ll die together” doing laps in your head.

Would You Love Me Any Less’ and ‘Still Young’ follow the lead of ‘Winter Hymns’ in their gentle, mellow tone almost reminiscent of an irresistible nostalgia. The entire album is quite lyrically impressive, but the real evidence of Charlie’s “songwriter” title is found amongst these two tracks.

The album closes on ‘Another Year’ – potentially the most intricate and poignantly heart-wrenching creation on the album, if not both albums. Frankly, ‘Long Road Home’ departs on Charlie’s strongest peak.

An album well worth the massive wait. It’s difficult to knock a credible musician at his best and that’s what you’re up against with ‘Long Road Home’.


Check out ‘Winter Hymns’ below:


‘Long Road Home’ is released on August 4th.

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