Orla Gartland Announces First Ever UK & Ireland Tour

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After years of hard work and severe patience, Dublin singer/songwriter, Orla Gartland has finally announced her first ever UK and Ireland tour. Eagerly anticipated by her large, and rapidly growing fan base, Orla will be visiting a variety of places around Ireland and the UK during the month of July.

With school having been extremely hectic for Orla over the past year, her chances at getting her well deserved break have been limited, but this Summer finally sees her doing what she has had the support to do for a considerable amount of time.

Having worked incredibly hard for her success- from gigging on a small scale at home in Ireland, to doing two headline shows in The Academy 2, to headlining London, and of course releasing her first single, it’s definitely Orla’s time to grab all this success that she’s rightfully earned, and take her inevitable career to the next level.

This is the real beginning of what Orla has worked inspirationally hard for, and I’ve no doubt her future in music is blindingly bright.

You can find out where Orla is planning to play on this tour by clicking HERE– she might just be coming to a stage near you! If you want a personable performance with real honest music, I recommend you get yourself to one of these venues for this long awaited tour- it’s probable that hugs are included in the price too.

For details on this tour, go to: http://www.facebook.com/

Check out Orla’s videos on Youtube

You can also keep up to date with her music news, dinner content and general thoughts on Twitter & Facebook.


Orla’s latest video:

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