4 Tips To Prepare for University | How To Get Ready

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Getting ready to leave for university can be exciting but also harrowing. You’re nervous about all the unknowns. There are a lot of small and large details to make sure you have covered. There are likely more questions that you have than there are answers. To make sure you are ready, here are some things that you may not be aware of that need to be taken care of.

Get your paperwork done well ahead of time

When you are moving from home, you have to make sure all of your paperwork is in order. You’ll be too busy to run around from office to office to make sure you have everything done correctly so do it as soon as you can.

Things like getting on the electoral roll will not only help you vote without having to travel back to your birthplace but will get you other papers too. Things like getting a new mobile contract or credit card are also possible when you are on the roll at your new address.

You’ll also need to pay for your tv license student dues. Yes, you have to pay this even when striking out on your own. If you want to have TV, radio and even watch internet streaming TV then you’ll have to make sure to pay that.

Set up a budget

You’re going to be very tight on money as a student. This is nothing new.

To make sure you stretch your pounds and pennies then figure out how much money you will have access to monthly and set up incoming and outgoings. Be as precise as possible so you know where every cent is going.

Find your people

Use social media to find some of the students that you’ll likely have in your circle. Having a network ready for you when you get there will help with the transition and also have a safety net in case you need something.

Getting the most out of university life hinges on who you make friends with early on. These people can set you up with contacts for extracurricular activities as well as some of the important information you need for your courses that you may have missed.

Learn to cook

This also ties into sticking with a budget. If you can master a few dishes that you can cook on a small hob in your flat or dormitory then you’ll save a lot of money by not needing to eat out.

Not only that, but you can always invite some new friends around and make a good impression with your cooking skills.

Lastly, you can make sure to stay healthy. Students are notorious for their terrible diet. Cooking at home can keep you on a healthy diet to help you study and thrive. To really get the most out of your years in uni, you need to stay healthy. A poor diet will have you getting sick often and not able to study as well as you should.

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