Rihanna’s River Island Collection Hits London Fashion Week

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Following months of curiosity, London Fashion Week sparked into life on Saturday as Rihanna appeared to unveil her début clothing line for River Island.

High street brands and superstar collaborations have become something of a trend within recent years, with Kate Moss inspiring a Topshop line and Madonna’s partnership with H&M, Rihanna stuck to her wits and presented the opportunity for many female adolescents, not just the younger generation, the opportunity to join her chic parade.

With an 8-minute presentation of models parading across tiered platforms accompanied in a combination of crop-tops, floral trousers, monochrome dresses and thigh high boots, alongside a colour palette barely venturing away from black, white or navy, Rihanna won over a large proportion of the doubters, as her range presented itself with a lot more than just this “urban” street range that many expected.

You can view the ‘Rihanna For River Island’ fashion show, below:

Rihanna’s range will be hitting River Island’s UK stores from March 5th. To find out more, visit: http://www.riverisland.com/rihanna-for-river-island

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